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"TFS Theseus" on Audible

The audiobook version of TFS Theseus (book 2) is now available at both and

"TFS Navajo" is Draft-Complete

In other news, "TFS Navajo - The Terran Fleet Command Saga, Book 3" is now officially "draft-complete!" My minimum word count target this go around was 85,000, but the draft manuscript ended up at 91,504 words.  I'll be heads down editing for the next several weeks.  After that, my editor (Monique Happy) will tear into it before it finally makes its way to a few beta readers.   So far, I'm still on schedule for a September 30th release.  As the date gets closer, I'll provide more frequent updates and send out a newsletter or two, so stay tuned!

500 Reviews or Bust!

TFS Ingenuity is a just a few reviews shy of reaching the 500 mark.  If you enjoyed the story and have not yet left a review, I would greatly appreciate your support!

7 Replies to “Some Release News …”

  1. Steven Newport

    Can’t wait for book three. When will it be in audio form? I personally think these books are better then the Honor H. books. I say it’s on par with Thomas Deprima and his heroine.

    • Tori Harris Post author

      Thank you very much, Steven. Unfortunately, the audiobooks tend to run about four months behind the Kindle version. TFS Theseus, for example, just released on July 26th, so I expect TFS Navajo will probably be February or so.

      I’m always looking for new sci-fi myself and will add Deprima to my list. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy the third book!

    • Tori Harris Post author

      Thank you, Don! Weber is a giant among sci-fi authors, so it’s quite an honor that you think my work compares favorably with his. Hopefully, you will enjoy the third book even more than the first two!

      Regarding being notified, I will definitely send out a newsletter as well as a blog post upon release. The best way to make sure you get an e-mail notification when book 3 releases is to “follow” me at Just go to, search for “Tori Harris,” and click “+ Follow” under my name. This should generate a notification e-mail anytime a new book comes out.

      You can also keep an eye on, where I continually update my best guess for the next release date. So far, I’m still on schedule for an end of September release.

      Thanks again!

  2. John Endres

    Just finished book 2, ok this is how it went down. I ordered the trilogy from Amazon. Got 3 books started with ingenuity- that was fantastic!!!!!!! Book two Theseus was another level up the game book!!!!!!! Again Tori nailed it, I dashed upstairs, I’m 70, so it took a while, I pulled what I thought was the third and final book of a spell binding trilogy……it was the third and final book of some other trilogy……holy crap!!!!!!! So I go to the Internet and find out I’m a dumb ass……..please Tori tell them to fast track it, I don’t have much time on this planet…..hurry….love all the books….can’t wait TFS Navajo……bring it on….

    • Tori Harris Post author

      Thank you, John! Hang in there just a bit longer and the third book will be available. I guess I would call the third book the “end of part 1” of the TFC Saga, but it definitely won’t be the end of the story overall. You’ll see quite a bit of the setup from books one and two get resolved, so you can expect lots of action. Hope you enjoy it!


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