TFS Katana

Author's Note: Family obligations are currently preventing me from spending much of my time on TFS Katana. Many fans of the series have expressed to me their desire to see the return of the main characters from the earlier books, and I fully intend to provide that with Katana. But, for me at least, producing a book requires my full-time attention over the course of six months or more ... time that I, unfortunately, cannot devote to the project at the moment. Please keep checking back on occasion, and watch for updates via the web site, blog, and newsletter. Thank you for your support of my books and your continued patience.

Tori Harris / October 2022


Work on the next chapter of the Terran Fleet Command Saga is underway, featuring the return of Admiral Tom Prescott, Captain Sally Reynolds, and Crown Prince Rugali Naftur!

With the launch of the first Katana-class battlecruisers and the remnants of the Pelaran AI 's forces in retreat throughout the sector, Terran Fleet Command reaches a point where they believe themselves capable of providing for Earth's defense. But such a rapid expansion of technological capability leaves a mark – ripples in the cosmic ocean, detectable even at vast distances ...

While at home, old rivalries once thought a remnant of the distant past reawaken to pose perhaps the greatest threat of all.

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