Another Gift Card Winner!


On Friday (12/18/15), we had another subscriber drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. Congratulations to Will, our latest winner!

When I do a drawing, I'll always have MailChimp send a congratulations message to the winner within 24 hours. If you are the winner, the card will be e-mailed directly from Amazon, so please keep an eye on the e-mail account listed in the MailChimp message.

Once again, congratulations, Will! Everyone else, please sign up for the newsletter to be included in the next drawing and stay tuned for additional announcements, giveaways, and other special offers!

2 Replies to “Another Gift Card Winner!”

  1. Tori Harris Post author

    Thanks, Larry! I appreciate the post and can’t thank you enough for the great review! January will be a very busy month finishing up the draft of “TFS Theseus.” I’m updating the progress bar in the post below and will be posting more updates here as the release date gets closer. Thanks again! Tori

  2. Larry Hikalea

    Loved the book, cant wait for the 2nd! I was more than happy to leave a 5 star rating on Amazon for you. Thanks for sharing these characters with us.


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