Writing Underway. . .

It seems like we aspiring authors have a tendency to allow a myriad of items to prevent writing each day.  For me, the classic excuse is always something related to setup. . .I don’t have the blog set up, I need to get my Chromebook ordered and setup, I want to set up a Google script to automate daily word count logging (it turns out that zero words are easy to count, btw).  What it all comes down to is good old-fashioned procrastination.  If you read any successful author’s blog, you see the same advice over and over:  sit your BTU down (as my grandfather would say) and WRITE. . .consistently. . .every day!  Otherwise, forget about making progress and forget about improving your skills.  So, even though I have allowed a number of superfluous items to delay progress over the past few weeks, I have a daily goal in mind (initially a modest 500 words) and plan to stick to it.

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