TFC Saga Pronunciation Guide

It can be a little irritating to read fiction and not know how the author intended something to be pronounced!  Below is a group of words from the Terran Fleet Command Saga that just might fit into that category.  Please e-mail me if I've missed any that you would like to see added.

Rugali Naftur:  Roo - GAH – lee    NAF - toor

Hiroto Oshiro:  hee - ROH - toh   oh - SHEE - roh

Mateus Rapoza:  muh – TAY – uhs  ruh – POH - zuh

Yuli Takkar:  YOO - lee    tuh – KAHR

Nenir Turlaka:  nay – NEER    toor - LAHK - uh

Dmitri Nikolayevich Zhukov:  duh - MEE - tree   ni - koh - LAHY - uh - vich    ZOO - kov

Note:  Please see for information regarding spelled pronunciations.


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