Dramatis Personae

Terran Fleet Command (Military)

TFS Theseus

Dr. Jiao Chen, Chief Medical Officer

Petty Officer Clark, TFC steward

Lieutenant Sagari Dubashi, Communications Console (handles comm and navigation functions)

Ensign Blake Fisher, Helm console

Lieutenant Korwin Lau, Tactical console 2 (handles weapons/sensors)

First Lieutenant Jackson “Jacks” Lee, Commander of Theseus’  platoon of 43 Marines (brothter of LTJG Jayston Lee)

Lieutenant (junior grade) Jayston Lee, Science and Engineering console (brother of 1st Lt. Jackson Lee)

Commander Kip Logan, Chief Engineer ("Cheng”), TFS Theseus

Corporal Dario Montaño, Marine spec-ops operator aboard TFS Theseus

Captain Tom Prescott, Commanding Officer (CO), TFS Theseus

Commander Sally Reynolds, Executive Officer (XO)

Master Sergeant Antonio Rios (often referred to as “Top”), Platoon Sergeant of Theseus’  platoon of 43 Marines

Lieutenant Commander Thomas Schmidt, Tactical console 1 (handles weapons/sensors/RPSV ops)

Other TFC Military Personnel

Captain Bruce Abrams, Commanding Officer (CO), TFS Diligence (later transferred to TFS Karna)

Captain Marko Budarin, Facility Commander, Yamantau Mountain Shipyard

(Flag) Captain Ogima Davis, Commanding Officer (CO), TFS Navajo

Captain Reese Donovan, Commanding Officer, (CO), TFS Jutland

Ensign Katy Fletcher, Communications console, TFS Navajo

Captain Hiroto Oshiro, Facility Commander, Yucca Mountain Shipyard

Vice Admiral Kevin Patterson, Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) (3 star)

Admiral Duke Sexton, Commander in Chief, Terran Fleet Command (CINCTFC) (4 star)

Commander David “Nilla” Waffer, Air Boss, TFS Jutland

Vice Admiral Tonya White, Chief of Naval Intelligence (CNI) (3 star)

Captain Dmitri Nikolayevich Zhukov, Air Wing Commander (CAG), TFS Jutland

Terran Fleet Command (Civilian)

Leadership Council

Samuel Christenson, outspoken Leadership Council representative from the U.S.

Karoline Crull, Chairwoman, Terran Fleet Command Leadership Council

Lisbeth Kistler, the distinguished looking fifty-year-old representative from Germany

Other Human Military Personnel (non-TFC)

Colonel Mateus Rapoza, Commander of Sazoch Recovery Team

Sajeth Collective

Wek - Commander Ragini Freyda, Executive Officer (XO) and Intelligence Officer, SCS Gunov (replaces Miah)

Wek - (Flag) Captain Musa Jelani, Commanding Officer, SCS Gresav

Damaran - Commander Woorin Miah, Executive Officer (XO) and Intelligence Officer, SCS Gunov

Wek - Javir Naftur, Rugali Naftur’s father

Wek - (Prince) Admiral Rugali Naftur, First Admiral of the Sajeth Collective Fleet (equivalent to 4 star)

Wek - Captain (Commodore) Naveen Sarafi, Commanding Officer, (CO) SCS Gunov

Wek - Commander Yuli Takkar, Commanding Officer, (CO), SCS Hadeon (until Miah’s arrival)

Wek - Nenir Turlaka, Sajeth Collective/Wek Ambassador and former surgeon

Wek - Captain Ditanu Yagani, Commanding Officer, (CO), SCS Baldev

The Seven Races (and Worlds) of the Sajeth Collective

Wek (Graca), Damarans (Damara), Lesheerans (Lesheera), Ecradins (Ecradea), Pashurni (Pashurni), Shanus (Shanus), and the Carnids (Carnide)

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