New Cover for “TFS Ingenuity”


Yesterday (11/13/15) was the first day for "TFS Ingenuity's" new cover design.  I really liked the original cover artwork, and plan to still use it in a number of places (like this web site), but I made the change based on feedback from some very experienced authors.  You only have a fraction of a second to grab someone's attention on Amazon, so the best covers tend to feature action and bright colors (or, apparently, some dude who looks like Fabio showing his abs).  Since I'm pretty sure Captain Prescott doesn't look like Fabio, I went with a battle scene.

The cover artwork depicts the end of the battle of Gliese 667 in the story, where the Gresav fires her main energy cannon and destroys her sister ship from the Resistance forces.  I think my illustrator, Ivo Brankovikj, did a fantastic job and completed the project very quickly.  In any event, I'm crossing my fingers that people like it!

We Have a Winner!


On Friday (10/23/15), we had our first subscriber drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. Congratulations to Greg, our first winner!

When I do a drawing, I'll always have MailChimp send a congratulations message to the winner at the end of the day. If you are the winner, I'll just need to confirm that I have the best e-mail address for having Amazon deliver your gift card. I'll also ask permission to mention your first name in a post on the site.

Once again, congratulations, Greg! Everyone else, please sign up for the newsletter to be included in the next drawing and stay tuned for additional announcements, giveaways, and other special offers!

Writing Underway. . .

It seems like we aspiring authors have a tendency to allow a myriad of items to prevent writing each day.  For me, the classic excuse is always something related to setup. . .I don’t have the blog set up, I need to get my Chromebook ordered and setup, I want to set up a Google script to automate daily word count logging (it turns out that zero words are easy to count, btw).  What it all comes down to is good old-fashioned procrastination.  If you read any successful author’s blog, you see the same advice over and over:  sit your BTU down (as my grandfather would say) and WRITE. . .consistently. . .every day!  Otherwise, forget about making progress and forget about improving your skills.  So, even though I have allowed a number of superfluous items to delay progress over the past few weeks, I have a daily goal in mind (initially a modest 500 words) and plan to stick to it.