A Couple of Updates …


So far, I'm still on schedule for a September 30th release of TFS Navajo (book 3).  As we get closer to release, I'll provide more frequent updates and send out a newsletter or two.

In other news, the audiobook version of TFS Theseus (book 2) should be available for pre-order in mid July. Its release date is currently set for July 26th.

TFS Theseus – Update Available


Version 1.1 of TFS Theseus – The Terran Fleet Command Saga, Book 2 is now available for download via your "Manage my Kindle" page.  The update corrects a few minor items that managed to slip through the editing process, but no significant story line changes were made.  If you are unsure which version you have, you can find the version number on your book's copyright page.

I'm always happy to hear from readers with corrections, suggestions, or comments.  You can reach me through the contact form, or just e-mail me at Tori@AuthorToriHarris.com


TFS Theseus Released!


TFS Theseus – The Terran Fleet Command Saga, Book 2 is now available for Kindle download at Amazon.com. Please head over to the “Books” page and pick up a copy today!

Please note that Amazon KDP is still listing the book as "Live - Updates Publishing."  If you are unable to pull up the book at the links above, please allow a couple of hours and try again.

Please also note that Amazon's page count is not a valid comparison until the book is published as a paperback.  TFS Theseus is 25% longer than TFS Ingenuity, but currently shows a lower page count.


“TFS Theseus” is Draft-Complete!


As of today, "TFS Theseus - The Terran Fleet Command Saga, Book 2" is officially "draft-complete!"  My minimum word count target this go around was 75,000, but the draft manuscript ended up at 82,536 words.  I have TONS of editing work to do over the next several weeks, but it's always very satisfying to reach this point.  More updates coming soon!

Two Weeks Until Draft-Complete!


As of today, I'm at just over 64,000 words on "TFS Theseus - The Terran Fleet Command Saga, Book 2."  I remember hearing a "Rocking Self Publishing Podcast" interview where Joshua Dalzelle mentioned that one of the books in his Black Fleet series "just wouldn't end."  I don't think I'm at that point, but I do think bringing book 2 to a conclusion is going to be a challenge.    More updates coming soon!

Another Gift Card Winner!


On Friday (12/18/15), we had another subscriber drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card. Congratulations to Will, our latest winner!

When I do a drawing, I'll always have MailChimp send a congratulations message to the winner within 24 hours. If you are the winner, the card will be e-mailed directly from Amazon, so please keep an eye on the e-mail account listed in the MailChimp message.

Once again, congratulations, Will! Everyone else, please sign up for the newsletter to be included in the next drawing and stay tuned for additional announcements, giveaways, and other special offers!

New Cover for “TFS Ingenuity”


Yesterday (11/13/15) was the first day for "TFS Ingenuity's" new cover design.  I really liked the original cover artwork, and plan to still use it in a number of places (like this web site), but I made the change based on feedback from some very experienced authors.  You only have a fraction of a second to grab someone's attention on Amazon, so the best covers tend to feature action and bright colors (or, apparently, some dude who looks like Fabio showing his abs).  Since I'm pretty sure Captain Prescott doesn't look like Fabio, I went with a battle scene.

The cover artwork depicts the end of the battle of Gliese 667 in the story, where the Gresav fires her main energy cannon and destroys her sister ship from the Resistance forces.  I think my illustrator, Ivo Brankovikj, did a fantastic job and completed the project very quickly.  In any event, I'm crossing my fingers that people like it!